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Web-based Optimizer Account Management Services

PES offers a web-based tool, Optimizer, which allows you to:

  • Verify Charges
  • Optimize Pricing via Rate Selection
  • Track Use and Cost by site, utility, group, etc.
  • Create Multi-level Reporting
  • Compare Use and Cost year-to-year
  • Allow multi-level users

Optimizer is provided on a subscription service, allowing users of any size to have secured access to powerful account analysis tools that were previously only available to large users.

Monthly usage and cost that is out of parameter is flagged for further investigation or action. The system can generate a letter to your vendor regarding any possible overcharge. The pricing optimization analysis compares all available rate structures and similarly, generates a letter to your vendor to make the recommended changes. The system tracks the changes and creates "to-do" alerts.

The service can be 100% user controlled or you can select a hybrid, having PES provide some or all of the functions, such as obtaining historical usage and cost information, inputting the data, running the analysis, submitting changes and claims to utility vendors, and tracking savings.

Optimizer reports show summary and detail use and cost of your company facilities, in an easy to read format displayed according to a number of variables such as:

  • Cost per square foot
  • Cost in relation to similar facilities
  • Cost by region
  • Cost by vendor
  • Usage and cost year-to-year comparison

Flagging high cost sites allows for energy conservation dollars to be spent on a priority basis. Reports can be easily downloaded to Excel.

Pricing starts as low as $39.00 a month!*

Contact us at 1-800-737-5998 ext. 42 to see a demo and to discuss your specific needs.

*pricing depends on the number of utility accounts, number of vendors and other factors.

This service is currently available only in selected areas. Please call for specifics.