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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

Renewable (Green) Power Marketing

With the experience of establishing, our successful renewable power provider subsidiary that served the California residential and commercial market, PES developed methods and marketing tools to establish name recognition, obtain ample press, and acquire customers at a very low cost. PES has the ability to assess market size, product appeal, marketing strengths and weaknesses, and develop a plan to reach targets for the most bang for the buck. We can coordinate marketing activities, press releases, and establish relationship building with defined partners, affiliates, and organizations.

Go-Green was the second largest renewable power provider in California, serving thousands of residential customers, the City of Santa Barbara, the U.S. Postal Service, MCI WorldCom, and others. Go-Green provided power from renewable resource generators such as wind, solar, geothermal and small hydro power. Go-Green had enormous support from the environmental community and was praised by groups such as Ralph Nader's Public Citizen.

Go-Green will be serving customers in 2002 with renewable power credits for sale worldwide. Renewable credits (or "tags") are the green attribute of power generated from a renewable power system. As no power actually moves through the grid in the selling and purchasing of green tags, there is no threat of interference from utilities or government. Additionally, consumers do not need to live in a geographically deregulated state. Go-Green will serve customers worldwide with a variety of green tags, varying by type of resource, area of origination and age of the facility.