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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

CONSULTING SERVICES - Use, Budget Reporting and Forecasting

PES can help you get a hold of your energy expense with advanced accounting of use and cost. PES reports show summary and detail billing and use of your company facilities, in an easy to read format displayed according to a number of variables such as:

  • Cost per square foot
  • Cost in relation to weather (degree days)
  • Cost in relation to similar facilities
  • Cost by region
  • Cost by vendor
  • Usage and cost year-to-date
  • Projected yearly use and cost
  • Variance from expected use or cost

Sites that show a marked variance from historical use are flagged for further investigation. Comparative indexes are used to compare same facilities to previous years and similar facilities are compared for relative efficiency. That allows for energy management dollars to be spent on a priority basis using a number of factors such as the cost per unit charged by the vendor utility or the use per square foot. Comparisons and budgets are displayed in table and graph format and are easily exportable to Excel.

Contact us at 1-800-737-5998 ext. 42 to discuss your specific needs.