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CONSULTING SERVICES - Measurement and Verification of Projects

PES works with a number of entities to review the performance of contractor improvements. This is especially critical when performance based contracts dictate the payments to the contractor. Many contractors approach companies, government agencies and school districts with a "shared saving" type contract. Often these contracts are written so that the contractor is assured of a minimum payment regardless of outcome. PES can assist your organization going into the contract to make sure that you are protected and have recourse should the system not perform as expected. You may have a staff of attorneys on board, but they will most likely be lost when it comes to how the project performance is to be measured and verified through the life of the contract. PES works directly with major law firms to protect their clients.

Furthermore, we provide third measurement and verification analysis throughout the term of the contract. Often, the contractor report can be skewed and misleading. Adjustments are often made by contractors to explain changes in variables such as additional energy load, weather, or operating hours. PES recently identified an unexplained adjustment identified in a contractor report of more than 400,000 kWh.

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