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CONSULTING SERVICES - Technical Efficiency Audits

Development of Baseline Usage.
PES establishes a baseline of energy use at the site. Individual meter usage and combined meter usage is benchmarked accounting for variations in usage, weather and abnormalities.

On Site Review.
Our structured audit of building equipment and envelope reduces time spent at the site while insuring standardization of data for easier processing for analysis. Building schematics and floor plans are used for equipment identification and location. Beyond the inventory of equipment (lighting, HVAC and process) and the associated operations and hours, we interview facility personnel regarding operations, employee use, maintenance schedules, etc. Measurement of temperatures, light levels, amp readings and other measurements are taken as needed. PES site survey tools and materials include survey forms designed for tabulating data, clipboard, tape measure, telescoping mirror, thermometers, compass, light meter, Fluke meter with amp probe, and flashlight. Site survey engineers require as-built floor and equipment plans.

Energy Balance.
Using the data obtained, we define the building energy use by categories: lighting, HVAC and process. We may further breakdown the usage within a category (i.e. HVAC categories: cooling, heating, ventilation). The energy balance is an important part of the process as it defines how the energy is being used at the site. Heating and cooling energy can then be correlated to weather data that we will obtain for each location.

Using advanced software modeling, we analyze systems, equipment and operation for optimal performance. Beyond replacement, our team of engineers determine alternate processes, equipment and controls that are deemed beneficial, such as economizer controls, evaporative cooling, load control, cooling towers, EMS, pre-heat systems, etc. PES maintains full specification catalogues of lighting and HVAC equipment of most major manufacturers. Building envelope performance will be evaluated for heat gain, transmission and leakage. Power factor correction equipment and power quality assessment will be conducted as applicable to its impact on cost. We will also review the feasibility of on-site power generation using micro-turbines, heat recovery systems, photovoltaics, solar water heating and cogeneration as applicable. Beyond equipment and systems, we will also consider the value of different strategies and their benefit, such as nocturnal cooling. Employee use and company policy as it affects energy use and cost will also be considered.

Recommendations and Reports.
All recommendations within the acceptable ROI are quantified in a full life cycle economic assessment with and without available rebates, including estimated installation cost, cost of maintenance, insurance, property tax and other cost factors. PES can assist is obtaining financing for projects and offers a full lease analysis to insure that a positive cash flow occurs.

Implementation and Project Management.
PES can assist in implementing any recommendation made, from merely providing contact information for specified equipment to Project Management.

Contact us at 1-800-737-5998 ext. 42 to discuss your specific needs.