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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

Turnkey service

PES understands that you want to save money but that your time and that of your staff is valuable and limited. We make every effort to make our service as easy as possible for you.

PES has worked with entities such as the States of California and Texas, Blockbuster Video, Wells Fargo Bank and other large entities where thousands of invoices were reviewed with minimal involvement from our clients. We can cut through the process so that you are not tying up staff. Our service serves to compliment your business - not burden it.

Information Gathering
Rather than ask your staff to copy what could be hundreds of utility and telecom bills, we provide you with a Letter of Authorization (LOA). Using the LOA we can request account information and billing data directly from your vendors. All we ask is that you copy the cover page of a recent invoice for each account so that we have correct account numbers and addresses since if the numbers and addresses do not line up exactly to the vendor's records, most often they will not produce the requested information. Remember, the vendor is in no hurry to have us review the way that they charged you.

Claims, Vendor Interaction and Negotiation
Using the LOA, we can act as your agent. As such we can question the vendor about charges, meet with your vendors on your behalf, and negotiate optimal pricing and request adjustments.

All claims will be filed by PES and PES will meet and negotiate with the utilities as needed. PES will document overcharges to develop claims for refunds for the full length of term that the overcharge may have occurred. PES, at our discretion, will proceed to file complaints against the utility before the state Public Utilities or Public Service Commission (PUC) for any unresolved issue. There is no additional fee to PES for taking legal recourse (PUC action) to recover overcharges.

Account Adjustments
We will not make any changes to your accounts without first discussing them with you. For account changes, the vendor may require that the request come directly from you on your letterhead (another vendor stall tactic). If that is the case, PES will draft all letters to your vendor to activate the change. You merely have to copy the draft on to your letterhead sign and return it to PES. We'll take care of the rest and follow-up regularly with the vendor to make sure that all requested changed are implemented in a timely manner.

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