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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

Why Select PES?

PES is a nationally known leader in the field of cost control with a proven track record in providing savings to our clients in all utility expense areas; energy, telecommunications, water, sewer and trash collection. Since 1988 PES has obtained refunds and cost reductions for companies and government entities exceeding $200 million.

PES is not new to this area of expense control, as are many of the new players in this field. With the introduction of deregulation, many power marketers quickly represented themselves as experts in other cost reduction services. PES maintains an extensive tariff library and database, which is constantly updated. PES proprietary software allows for accurate rate option cost projections on a per site analysis. Other "off the shelf" software uses vague assumptions based on composite SIC (standard industrial classification) information that is often based on a very limited sample size and may or may not pertain to your sites. There may be vast differences between operating hours, size, location and weather influences, etc. PES analysis uses regression analysis and conservative assumptions that favor taking no action. The result is that a PES recommendation to change to a more favorable rate program almost always results in savings greater than projected.

PES staff not only verify that all charges, meter reads, taxes and other line items are correct, they research the tariff and its submission to the appropriate regulatory agency for possible ambiguities or inconsistencies. For example; In 1994 PES staff identified an inconsistency between actual charges and tariff language for a large industrial user. PES staff researched the tariff and found billing examples sited by the utility in its own advice letter and Rate Case supporting documentation were in conflict with the billing method being used for the previous two years. This resulted in PES petitioning the state PUC on behalf of all affected consumers. The PUC agreed with PES and ordered the utility to refund more than $2.4 million.

PES will always get you the best deal possible. Since PES manages contracts for numerous large companies, we know what a current market-competitive offer is for energy and telecommunications. We also speak the language. Often, to a novice, what appears to be a good offer based solely on price, can really be a very bad offer when the fine print is scrutinized. Let us take your best offer as our benchmark. What you pay us will be reaped many times over.

PES was started by a former utility executive. Staff includes an economist that was with the California Energy Commission and a former researcher for the U.S. Congressional Energy Task Force. PES legal counsel is a former Administrative Law Judge of the California PUC. PES has a great deal of experience before many state Utilities Commissions and PES has experience in almost every state in the country and Canada.

PES is independently owned with no affiliation to any energy or telecommunication company.

Our only interest is to reduce your costs. We won't leave any of your money on the table!

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