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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

About PES

PES has provided utility account auditing, service option strategies, and contract negotiation for our varied commercial and industrial clients since 1988. PES clients are diverse, many of which are Fortune 1000, range from high-tech, industrial, and retail to government. PES has worked under contract to major cities and counties across the United States and for the states of Texas and California. Our services have reduced the operating costs of our clients by more than $200 million. Many of PES analysts are past electric utility and telecom provider employees.

We take a top to bottom, site specific approach that includes a thorough assessment and validation of past and present charges and your operations as they relate to utility cost. We then review all contracts, account classifications and tariffs. Based upon the assessment we will run financial projections under various purchasing scenarios such as:

  • Alternate rate programs with current vendors
  • Negotiated rates with current vendors
  • Alternate vendors that provide equal quality or better service

Our unique turnkey services demand that we stay on top of the ever-changing legislation, rules, regulations, tariffs and court decisions that affect customer charges. PES developed our analysis software that accurately projects customer load profiles (the hourly, weekly and seasonal estimation of energy consumption). Our software allows PES analysts to overlay various optional rate designs on the customer load profiles and forecast operational expense under various scenarios. Our monitoring confirms that our profiling estimations are correct within 3% more than 99% of the time! For telecommunications, we also overlay various pricing options to your specific calling patterns.

PES also consults on various electric issues such as future capacity, on-site power generation, and other service options. Our technical staff can assess the influence of energy management projects, capital improvements, voltage upgrades, combined meters, etc. on operational expense under different rate designs and commodity pricing. Knowing how energy is used, delivered and regulated gives PES the ability to see the big picture and develop innovative options for our clients to assure the lowest possible utility costs.

Some services, such as recovery of overcharges, contract negotiation and pricing optimization are provided on a contingency basis, with PES absorbing the risk of success. Other services, such as site specific improvements, management reports, submetering, etc. are provided on a time and materials basis.

PES your one-stop shop for all your utilities:
electric / telecommunications / natural gas / water / sewer / trash collection