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PES Was Listed As The 3rd Fastest Growing Private Company In Silicon Valley By The San Jose Business Journal

Case Studies

Although every client is different and results vary, here is a sampling of the varied nature of the work we do.

  • PES consulted to the University of California regarding new power requirements. The utility wanted $3 million to provide capacity. PES got the utility to provide all needed capacity for only $50,000 saving the state nearly $3,000,000!! (and they still make us pay tuition in full for our kids at UC).

  • PES negotiated voice and data costs for a major Hollywood Studio. The results were savings of more than 28%.

  • PES staff identified an inconsistency between actual charges and tariff language for a large industrial user. PES staff researched the tariff and found billing examples sited by PG&E in its own advice letter and Rate Case supporting documentation were in conflict with the billing method used for the previous two years. This resulted in PES petitioning the PUC on behalf of all affected consumers. The PUC agreed with PES and ordered PG&E to refund more than $2.4 million.

  • PES negotiated a five year power supply agreement with an incumbent utility for a major telecommunication company. The result was a savings of more than $100,000 a year without any changes to the site.

  • PES found savings from 25-38% for a large retail grocery chain by moving several stores off the circuit off the investor owned utility and getting the stores served by a neighboring municipal electric provider.
In total, PES finds savings or recovers overcharges in 67% of all invoices we review. Our average saving is about 12%.